DS8900 Central Station

Enables continuous, accurate and visual monitoring of every patient, the 26" duel display gives unparalleled patient data clarity and clear alarm identifications. Fukuda Denshi is committed to develop leading edge patient monitoring innovations.


  • Colour Full HD 26 inch wide LCD (resolution 1920 × 1080).
  • 32 bedside monitors can be monitored on one screen.
  • 120 hours of continuous recording of waveforms and parameters.
  • Customizable User keys.
  • Up to 8 teams nursing can be set.
  • Multiple alarms with a variety of lighting patterns.
  • Easy interface, touch screen, user keys and remote control.


Dimensions: 650 (W) x 242 (D) x 467 (H) mm

Weight: Approx.18kg

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Patient Monitoring and Ultrasound technologies
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